— On-Premise Amenities —

Home Sounds So Sweet



All of our onsite amenities are created to provide something for everyone. So: from freshly baked scones to sunsets on the Hudson—and anything in between—you’re good.

Community Lounge

Morning coffee talk. Vintage movie nights. Holiday feasts.  Residents will be able to utilize the fully equipped community kitchen for any meal—big or small. Gathering areas have a flat screen television, record player and games—plus comfy furniture—for entertainment or just kickin’ back.

Rooftop Deck

Upscale-downtime. Sometimes a comfy place to bask in the sun is as good as it gets. Now: take it up five stories in the air and “as good” rises to AMAZING. The rooftop deck is the perfect vantage for some personal quiet time or quality time with friends & neighbors.

Fitness area

Work it. Cardio machines, weightsthe fitness room is set up with everything you need to boost endorphins, lower stress, and get the ol’ heart pumping.

Secure Bike Storage

“Why drive when I can ride?” think many residents of Downtown Troy. 444 River Lofts offers our bicyclists an area—within the building and safely out of the elements—to keep their two-wheeled transport secure.


The Troy Waste Manufacturing Co.

Established to take advantage of the booming collar industry in Troy, the Troy Waste Manufacturing Company used spent cloth clippings—“shoddies”—from nearby textile mills in the late 19th & early 20th centuries and reused/recycled these for pillows, mattresses and textiles. The building is one of the only factory buildings to feature Classical Revival styling, designed by the well-established Troy architect Frederick Cummings.